Make your business stronger

We build creative things that get your message notified


Give your company a fresh start
  • several logo proposals until you are satisfied
  • 1 finished logo in digital format
  • variations on your logo for different media
  • style guide with all color codes
  • email signature with logo


If you really want to stand out
  • usable for website, print, social media, ...
  • great attention-grabber for an action or event
  • ideal to announce a message, regulations, working method, etc. in the office or workplace in a positive way
  • creative way to thank an employee or to inspire your team
  • unique: a portrait cartoon of yourself for your name card, postcard, Facebook or LinkedIn profile, ...

About branding


Branding is the whole concept with which you present your company. From your logo and website to your communication with customers and even your behavior. In a world where images are becoming increasingly important, your visual language is of vital importance.

You brand your business with your logo, corporate identity, colors, domain name(s), your website, services and/or products, all the way to the way you say bye to customers that leave your store, whether they bought something or not.

Of course! We deliver your logo in vector format. Backup this file carefully so you can always use it for customized print later.

Cartoons make people smile and (positive) emotions are essential to bring prospects closer to your company. If those cartoons also represent your own company/employees in a tailor-made way, then your company will undoubtedly remain in the minds of your prospects and customers for a long time. Contact us for more info!

Yes! After we finalized your logo, you probably also want a few name cards, flyers and other customized print. We design it, print it and hand it over to your office within a few days. Contact us for more info!

Cartoons krachtiger dan foto’s bij je online content

Cartoons are more powerful than photos with your online content

Many social media managers use stock photos to give articles and other online content an extra “punch”. However, research indicates